What is tattoo saline removal and how is it done? (picture below) Saline removal is done very much the same way you got the tattoo, But instead of tattooing ink, a saline tattoo removal solution is used. It is tattooed into the unwanted tattoo. The solution breaks up, and dissolves the ink molecules, bringing to the surface and out with the scab.
The concentration of the salt in the saline is higher than what our bodies naturally produce, so the body rejects it and forces it out along with the ink it bonded too, into the scab, and eventually exfoliates out. The saline technique can only be done on smaller tattoos or segments of larger tattoos in sessions. It is less traumatizing to the skin that some other removal techniques. Saline removal can be effective regardless of the age of tattoo, or the ink or method of tattooing used. However, depending on the depth, and saturation of color, several sessions may be needed to completely remove the tattoo. Every case is different. In the picture below, this gentlemen did 10 laser treatments before coming to me, with minimal results. In the left picture below is the healed result of the first treatment, and the right picture is the healed result after the second treatment. We achieved better results with 2 sessions of saline removal than he did with TEN laser treatments! Each treatment can be safely done 6 weeks apart from each other, however 8 weeks is best because the tattoo will continue to lighten within 8 weeks, revealing the final result that can be expected. If you are considering saline removal, you should expect to have scabs in the treated area for 1-2 weeks. It’s a process, but worth it to many!


What is eyebrow microblading? (picture below), also referred to as 3d brows, microstroking, feather brows, and eyebrow embroidery is an eyebrow tattoo technique that gives you a natural looking result. Unlike the traditional application of eyebrow tattooing with a tattoo machine, microblading is done with a manual hand tool, tattooing delicate hair strokes that give the illusion of a filled in, polished, and shaped eyebrow, but without looking solid and harsh. If done correctly, microblading can give you a soft, feathery looking result. Topical numbing agents are used to keep you comfortable too. Microblading typically lasts 1-3 years depending on age, condition of skin, skincare routines, and life styles. Most women are getting color boosts every 12-18 months to keep their brows looking fresh.


What is the difference between microblading and microblading plus shading? (picture below) As you can see in the picture below, microblading alone is sometimes not enough for the desired look, specially if you have minimal to zero natural hair. Adding some shading makes the eyebrow look more complete and filled in. A powder brow is similar to the shading part without the microblading and great for people who just want a soft makeup look. Microblading plus shading is also referred to as a “combo brow”. The more concentrated we go with color, the bolder of a makeup look you will get. For those unsure, I will start with a minimal concentration and you can always build up and add more at your touch up visit.