Permanent makeup procedures are effected by the canvas (your skin) that they are preformed on. If your skin is sun damaged (even from tanning beds), aged, thick and uneven in texture, damaged from previous tattooing, or excessively dry or oily, results cannot be expected to be perfect and may need additional touch up sessions. Scarred skin may not retain color aswell as regular skin. Lifestyle, medication, smoking, metabolism, facial surgery, topical products, health conditions, and age all play a role in how well and how long you retain color. Touch ups are necessary 5-8 weeks from your initial procedure for best looking results. I like to use the analogy of “a second coat of nail polish”. Your touch up is your second coat reinforcing any missing or light areas and fine tuning the color and shape.

EYEBROWS *Please note, many of my clients who received “microblading only” are coming back saying the healing was very pleasant with minimal flaking if any, and minimal redness.

EYEBROWS-The below is a just a general rule of all eyebrow procedures. For example, solid brows have a more dramatic healing process than microblading- At first the eyebrows are approximately 30-40% darker and bolder in width than they will be when healed. Your color will be darker, then begin to get lighter as exfoliation and healing takes places. Some areas may seem too light but should resurface and darken back up at the end of the healing period. You will look and feel healed in about 5-10 days, however your skin takes about 28 days to completely regenerate itself and small changes will continue take place during this time, for example slight shades or tones of color. Any ares that are patchy, or too light will be reinforced at your touch up session 5-8 weeks later after your initial appointment.

EYELINER At first your eyelids will be swollen like you’ve been crying with a heavier eye makeup look. Swelling begins to decrease and skin may have a tight feeling as it heals. Some pigment begins to lift from the skin and the design becomes more narrow. There may be some itching and flaking of the skin. This is all totally normal. Do NOT pick at it. Color may have a grayish hue and will take a few days to clarify as the natural exfoliation of healing takes place. You will look and feel healed within 5-10 days, however it takes on average 28 days for the skin to completely regenerate itself and finally reveal the final result.

LIPS At first your lips will be swollen for 1-3 days on average and the color will look like heavy lipstick with a reddish effect. The skin will begin to chap with a thicker texture and may be slightly sore and hot before exfoliating (like sun burnt lips). By around day 5 you should be finishing with the first stage of exfoliating and a soft color begins to appear. Between around 7-14 days the lip color will appear light and maybe even seem to disappear (this is because of new skin healing over the color blurring the color). Following around day 14 the color begins to resurface and blooms more and more until around day 21. By week 6, the color you see is the color you’ll have. Your lips will remain a bit dry for a month or 2. Use a good lip balm and they will return to normal.

topical numbing agents are used for all procedures and all instruments used are single use and disposable so there is no worry of cross contamination. Julie’s Babe cave is licensed, insured, and inspected and permitted by the riverside health department.